Karmen Koleiro
Karmen Koleiro campaign leader

ACTION MALTA ! Respect for Animals ! https://www.facebook.com/groups/actionmalta/

Hi to all of you who are signing...thank you so much !
We believe that all of us have torn hearts & weep when we see the photos of those poor animals, butchered to death, or left to die without food & water in the so called ' shelters'

Unfortunately a huge financial profit is being gained by the Dog Mafia in Eastern European Countries....and this cause the funding towards Animal Welfare towards these countries is falling in the wrong hands. And here i'm talking about hundreds of thousands of euros !!

Another area which until recently has been ignored, is the repercussion on the mental psychological health of children, in these countries, who day in , day out, witness the horrific brutal killings of theses animals, whose pictures reach us on the internet.

Pictures which most of us do not have the courage to look at !! Imagine a 4 year old child seeing a dog being torn apart and slit with knives in front of his own eyes ! Imagine the trauma...Imagine what this child will grow into !

So please, we can do something about these massacres. Make an effort to join us in SILENT SUPPORT on Thursday 7th November at 4.30pm , at Floriana ,opposite the Phoenicia Hotel ( near the Kristu Re statue ).


We give you our word that it will not be for nothing.
PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION ! We re going to present it to the EU.

HURT AN ANIMAL- HURT A CHILD is the campaign of the Organization Occupy for Animals as is the Study Making a Link.

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