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Everyday thousands of innocent animals are put to their death due to humans not being responsible. Puppy mills are such disgusting places, what they do to their animals just to keep producing more and more litters is horrendous. People go out and spend hundreds of dollars to get a "puppy" which stays a puppy for such a short time, then it is a grown up. They do not do their homework to see if that breed will fit into their lifestyle. They end up not having the time to deal with an animal or leave it in the backyard or let it go. Rescuing an animal means saving the life of dog or cat who will give you UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Put your spouse and pet in a garage for 30 min. locked up and when you open the door guess who will waging their tail to see you!!! n older dog makes a fantastic pet for an elderly person. Just as humans we all need love and I know of not better way to get such comfort but from an animal.

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