Suzy Fitzgerald
Suzy Fitzgerald campaign leader

Once Upon A Time...NO Right Now,

Once upon a time there was a young woman named Leslie, and every day Leslie lived her life in the best way she knew. She went to work, paid her bills, and visited her friends. She even met someone she thought was very special. Some one she could spend her life with. Until one day, this special someone did some very bad things. He showed Leslie that he was not a good choice, because he did not know how to control his temper.

Leslie, being a smart young woman, knew that she could not control his temper for him, and that it was not her fault that he got so very angry. One day, he became angry and violent and hit Leslie, and because of this Leslie knew they could not spend their lives together. Leslie was frightened and because of this she knew she had to get away. Leslie moved here and lived with friends and family, but space was crowded and Leslie found out she was going to have a baby.

Leslie got a job and worked and saved her money, but her part time job did not allow her to save enough to get a place of her own. Her friends were good to her, but she couldn’t continue sleeping on couches, and carrying everything she owned around in her car. She had to do something before she had her baby. Leslie did not know what to do until she heard about The Meeting Place Mission and FACES.

When Leslie found out that FACES would give her a safe place to live, help her save money, and work with a case manager so that she could get her own place, finally, she made the call. Leslie met with the case manager and decided that FACES was just what she needed to get her life back on track.

And ever since that day Leslie has been moving forward, working toward her goals, looking forward to being a mom, and living her life again in the best way possible.

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