Rabbí Kushi Schusterman
Rabbí Kushi Schusterman campaign leader

As 2014 is almost upon on us, I turn to you as a dear

friend and ask for your continued partnership. Your support

will keep these priceless treasures alive and well for 2014:

• the tears of a grandmother naming her

granddaughter at the Torah,

• the lonely widower receiving his hot chicken soup

before Shabbat,

• the emotion on the face of the first-time


• the confidence to say “I am a Jew”,

• the AHA moment by a Torah class,

• the absolute joy of the young wife using the Mikva

for the first time, • the pleasure of the ill patient welcoming a


• the excitement of a student who will not be alone

for the Seder,

• and the gratefulness of the inmate for a visit

from a rabbi.

All this is made possible through the generosity of

our community. I would like to ask you to consider becoming

a partner in this vital effort. Your generous gift will

enable us to continue our work and increase our activities

in the coming year; a sound investment in the future of our


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