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Your Timebank Is Now Online!

We launched your Reconomy Global Timebank today, November 5th, one year after we began inviting persons to pledge to participate.

Our Timebank is free to join, and member-owned and controlled, as described in the petition at Causes and on the member agreement at the Timebank marketplace.

We're now ready to import the 830 petition signatories from this Causes page, as well as the 330 persons who've signed the separate pledge to recruit new members.  Causes reports that we currently have 1037 unique names.

If you would like to register at the Timebank:


Registration is quick and simple, and of course you'll find information available there about how the marketplace works.

"Causes" also reports that it recently erased about 250 names from our membership because those persons joined Reconomy before "Causes" required persons to sign a pledge or petition in able to join a cause. These names were erased without notification to the persons or to Reconomy, and "Causes Support" says it does not have these names available, nor the names of those whom have signed our "Pay it forward" pledge...so if you know anyone affected by these changes, please let them know that their Timebank is open.

And as always, you're welcome to join us at our Facebook discussion group, to contribute your ideas. https://www.facebook.com/groups/peoplemoney/


How you can help

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