Lance Ciepiela
Lance Ciepiela campaign leader

The steadfast call for 9/11 Justice for the nearly 3,000 victims killed, the 343 New York City Firefighters, and the First Responders, and the thousands more whose lives were ruined and cut short, requires a new and independent investigation to determine who and to bring to justice those responsible for the sudden and unexpected demolition and collapse of all three World Trade Center Towers.

Petition to the President and Congress - initiate and commence a new independent 9/11 investigation.

Did he say "pull it" - a control demolition?

New Jersey 62 Page Complaint Filed Demanding A New Investigation Into 9/11

Manhattan DA has jurisdiction - arson, murder, treason, insurance fraud, in Manhattan.

New York Times – the evidence is not hard to find. There is substantial forensic evidence that explosives were present in the Twin Towers and Building 7 and that these explosives destroyed the buildings.



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