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Smalls Ways You Can Help Israel

Hey everyone,
As everyone knows, the situation is Israel is getting worse. The Israeli Defense Force is doing everything in their power to protect our country. However,as Jews, we believe in relying on spiritual protection as well as physical protection. Here is a list of ways you can help the crisis in Israel.
1. Say Tehillim. Here is a link to Psalm 121. If you don't read Hebrew, you can read the English side.
2. Do a Chesed (good deed) for Israel.
3. Try to set aside a portion of the day to refrain from speaking Loshon Hara (speaking badly about another person)
4. Pray any way you can!
5. Write a letter to the white house thanking the US government for supporting Israel

For those of you who are not Jewish, you can also help by praying your own way or in your own language. We ask you to keep standing behind Israel and thank you so much for your support!

I also want to thank John Wood who has donated over $3000! Thank you to everyone else who has been donating!

If anyone has any questions just message me.

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