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We are working on getting donations for the Cancer cancer fund You can donate Cars Trucks Boats RVs and other Vehicular Items. if you want more information we will love to hear from you. Dont worry we come to you anywhere in the USA so if you have a old vehicle  in your driveway or just call us and donate it to the Children cancer fund Phone: 877-578-2254 Mon, Wed-Fri :  9:00 am to 9:00…

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Over the past few weeks, you stood with millions from all corners of the world who took action in support of a free and open Internet. Your voice was heard. Some governments sought to use the recent meeting of the International Telecommunication Union in Dubai to increase censorship and regulation of the Internet. At the conclusion of the meeting last Friday, 89 countries signed the treaty,…

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Drugs are harmful to you and your body most people need help with this issue not fully understanding what the effects can be to themselves and others. This pledge is to help people get off drugs by passing the word there is help out there with government assistance If you or someone you love needs help call this number to learn more on how the government can help pay for your rehab and get…

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