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I'd like to take just a minute to thank each friend of mine who "gets it" and just another minute to help educate even one more friend or anyone out there who comes across this message, like my sister, twin brother and sister-in-law, and anyone else who just doesn't "get it," that until our Constitution is amended and the language protects the LGBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transexual) community we will forever be and live as SECOND-CLASS citizens.

I for one, am tired of being told by my straight friends that as far as they're concerned, I am just as good as anyone else and that they love me just the same. And even though they also tell me how great and wonderful I am when I get to feeling defeated by all of this and I tell them how much I truly appreciate their kind words and love and support, I must remind them that their words don't change the fact that THEY are still protected by our constitution that can be changed and entitled to hundreds of laws that gays are not. BEING GAY IS NOT A CHOICE. You do not wake up one day and decide to live a life of persecution or be thrown into lockers or be ridiculed and called hurtful names or live without rights.

Do I not bleed when my skin is torn or damaged? Do I not cry if my feelings are hurt? Of course the answers to these questions are yes... for I am human just as we all are and just as my counterpart, the heterosexual is. I urge you to support this campaign and spread the word.

Tonight is election night and I am tired of fighting the good fight. Please help me. I cannot do this alone though at times I feel very alone in this fight. You may remember when my partner and I fought nearly two decades ago to pave the way for gays to have the right to become "official families" and for gay adoption when we won our case that set precedence in the New York Family Courts. Presently we work tirelessly do all we can in each of our own ways with Gay-Straight Alliances and other related causes.

It is my hope that before I die, this will not be an issue and gays will be the last movement to fight or march or campaign for FREEDOM and RIGHTS. WE ARE THE FINAL CRUSADERS and WE WILL WIN. I pray it will happen in my lifetime. Thank you and God Bless Everyone and America and The World!

B. Nicholas Barthold
“The friends I’ve met along my journey have become the core of my internal universe.”
~ B. Nicholas Rivera-Barthold
April, 2004

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