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This is my brother Scott. He is now 30 yrs old. We need cameras to protect our loved ones. When my brother was in the 6th grade he would come home from school and tell my mom that his teacher put hot sauce in his mouth. At times we did not know what to believe because as we all know , children with Down syndrome can tell great story's,after countless trips back and forth to the doctors office because of sinus and throat problems my mother was beside herself. As a nurse my mother could not understand why he was sick all the time. Well, come to find out Scott was telling the truth and I'm fact when the kids were bad in class she would put Tabasco sauce on a spoon and made them eat it. The children in his class had all kinds of issues.. Downs, autistic, and children in wheel chairs with feeding tubes. No one should ever have to go threw this. You send your children to school to learn and be taken care of not abused! Cameras are a must in these classrooms because there are people out there In the world who feel abuse to special needs is ok. It is not. I am proud to be a part of Causes, I will protect my brother to the death, he made us all better people and he deserved better. Not only cameras but extensive background checks on all teachers teaching special needs.


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