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Do you like my page cause and community linked to my site with the Koala bear pic. I need 50 clicks

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To Educate people about Antactica. Then encourage them to write letters sighn petitions and make contributions when and where appropriate. Antactica is the new frontier. It is pristine teaming with new life as we know it. We need to take steps now to protect it now before somthing bad happens. This is somthing special for every human being there is still somthing pure clean and wild left on this planet for us and our future children to enjoy cheris and shrare another chance to get it right not repeat the old mistakes. If governments want to make money there it has to be through Tourisim and preservation not by digging drilling and selling everything if we take food from there it has to be through sustainable intelligent ways. Lets all be excited about this new world on earth appreciate it protect it and preserve it for future generations another chance to get it right!

Thi seperate page is for sharing videos stories pictures information and concerns relating to nature animals and the environment as well as ask for and give help on anything important to my members and friends. check it out and give me a click if you like it. Its called cause and community link can be found at the top of my site with the koala bear picture. thank you and Good day!


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