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Boycott all palm oil products? or hyper-markets that still sell un-sustainable palm oil products. Hyper-markets only sell their own branded "green products" with sustainable palm oil in.

  • Yes boycott all palm oil products now. (83% people answered this)
  • Yes boycott all hyper-markets that sell un-sustainable palm oil products. (16% people answered this)
  • Sit back and carry on acting as if nothing is going on. Who care's someone elses problem. (0% people answered this)

18 people voted.

Secure a future for the Orangutan ~ legislation on protection of rain forests and peatland destruction Indonesian rain forests and peatland are being destroyed by man and the consumer of products that palm oil is being used in. Many consumers are not even aware of this, so international awareness is now needed to secure our forests and wildlfe that inhabit it. only a handful of "companies" in many countries have joined the round table to now "GO GREEN" that in turn cuts out this destruction to a degree. But this is for there (OWN) branded products and nothing more. Crisps, snacks, purfume, and bio fuels all contain mostly palm oil. Going green is ok but not even 50% of the worlds companies have even bothered to go green which sadly is destroying the forests and the Orangutans at an estimated 5,000+ a year. Our mission is to push the Indonesian governemt to take more action now on their own mass palm oil producers, to enforce the ban on hunting of Orangutans and them being taken from the wild to use as pets. The first ever conviction in Feb 2012 saw a national convicted for this. One though is not enough. We will place more on our legislation that we will be drawing up to help save the forests and the Orangutans that are being pushed out of them by plantation workers that simply call them pests.

Orangutan & Rain Forest Conservation Project Mission (SAVE OUR EARTH)


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