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What will Jabhet Al Nusra (The Nusra Front) do after Assad's fall ?

  • Their jobs is done, they will leave the country (22% people answered this)
  • They will continue fighting till the establish an islamic state (53% people answered this)
  • They will march into Palestine (10% people answered this)
  • They will go to help other revolutions, because that's what they do (13% people answered this)

67 people voted.

For the past 16 months the Syrian land was, and continues to be, soaked with the blood of syrians. The blood of those who asked for their basic rights and freedom, and eventually the blood of those who oppressed them. We have a cause, The Syrian cause. it's the future of Syria -the land that was a torch of culture and prosperity for many centuries- the great future that we all know syria has every potential to obtain. No matter what we will face ahead we have to stay loyal to that cause. it's our mission, and our children's mission to build Syria to be the country it deserves to be.

Since Al Nusra front first appeared in early 2012 the opposition claimed that Al Nusra is a part of Assad's underground militia and that they target government buildings but everything is in agreement with the syrian government in order to support the government claims that there're terrorist groups in Syria.

After almost 9 months the Nusra came a long way since then with victories here & there and gaining them support from the people.
In december 2012 the U.S enlisted al Nusra front on the list of terror, and that's where the people ragged that this is not acceptable and they chanted "We're all Jabht el Nusra"
The nusra front has made it clear that they are here to help muslims and they want to establish an islamic state and from there for them they want to start an Islamic ruling in the surrounding areas. They're at war against Shi'a and the Alawites of the Shi'a.
Furthermore, they now rarely hold the flag of the revolution the flag that wrapped the bodies of thousands fighting for freedom. instead they use the Islamic flag.

Did Al Nusra help the revolution gain more momentum against Assad?
ofcourse they did, but that doesn't come cost free and we have to payback defending against outsiders who are extremists trying to change the basis behind the Syrian revolution. the people who started the revolution the people who died and the peoplthat are dying everyday in Assad's dark dungeons didn't revolt for an Islamic state they called for Democracy and freedom of speech which al Nusra labels those concepts as satanic, imperialistic, and blasphemous.

Never give up on Syria


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