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What do you plan to do on St. Patricks day?

  • Drink yourself into oblivion (44% people answered this)
  • Sit at home and watch the telly and wish you were as much fun as Irish people are? (9% people answered this)
  • Waste all day on facebook instead of going to the pub to get plastered? (9% people answered this)
  • Go to work instead of getting plastered? (15% people answered this)
  • March down your local main street with all the fun people wishing you were plastered like they are? (21% people answered this)

65 people voted.

To turn facebook green for one week to aid anti-child abuse causes Landmarks all over the world are turning green for St. Patricks day and facebook.com is the biggest social networking site in the world so it ought to turn green for a few days to show solidarity with the country it based its headquarters in...Ireland. Turning facebook green for a week starting on the 12 of March will show that facebook listens to its users. facebook Ireland is an Irish company and operates in Ireland so we think they should change it to green in honour of St Patrick and of course the many Irish people who are around the world. Child abuse is a huge problem and this might help bring some light onto the subject.

So what are your plans for St. Patricks day. Tell us we really want to know. I plan to go to the parade on O'Connel Street in Dublin City and then go to the pub afterwards.


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