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Many ArborGen executives have come from which nefarious biotech company?

  • Merck (8% people answered this)
  • Monsanto (76% people answered this)
  • Forest Laboratories (9% people answered this)
  • Syngenta (5% people answered this)

278 people answered.


Correct answer is: Monsanto

Many ArborGen executives formerly worked at Monsanto. Coincidentally, Monsanto was an initial partner in creating ArborGen, along with International Paper, WestVaco and Fletcher Challenge (now Rubicon). Monsanto backed out before ArborGen was formally created. ArborGen's former CEO, Barbara Wells, spent 17 years working for Monsanto, and was the head of their RoundUp Ready soy division in Brazil. Current CEO Andrew Baum previously worked for Monsanto in their Sustainable Development sector. Maud Hinchee, ArborGen's Chief Science Officer, spent 18 years with Monsanto. David Nothmann, former VP of Business and Product Development at ArborGen, worked at Monsanto for 13 years. Want to stop the "Monsanto of the Forest"? Tell your friends to sign the petition to deny ArborGen's application to deregulate GE eucalyptus!


Global Justice Ecology Project explores and exposes the intertwined root causes of social injustice, ecological destruction, and economic domination. We work to link struggles and strengthen diverse movements with strategic action, information, media, and analysis. Global Justice Ecology Project is the North American focal point for the Global Forest Coalition and the leader of the international STOP GE Trees Campaign (http://nogetrees.org)

ArborGen wants to rise to the top of the forest biotech industry, so they have stacked their corporate team with veterans of the industry.  ArborGen, which is expanding its global operations, especially in Brazil, wants to own the genes in tree plantations worldwide.  

This has profound implications on forest-dependent communities, considering recent cases of farmers being sued by Big Ag when genetic material they claim to own shows up in someone else's field.

And just as this company has pioneered and expanded a model of agriculture that relies on chemical inputs, monocultures and global trade, ArborGen is continuing this trend in the forest industry.  Together, we can stop them from desecrating forests and turning diverse ecosystems into monoculture plantations filled with GE eucalyptus

Campaign closed

During the last week of May, Global Justice Ecology Project, the Campaign to STOP Genetically Engineered Trees, Earth First!, Dogwood Alliance and other environmental organizations staged the largest, most successful protests ever against the genetically engineered tree industry, in Asheville, NC.   However, several activists were arrested during the week for taking bold, dignified action, and…

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Dear Friends, We're coming down to the wire--less than 2 weeks until we confront the genetically engineered (GE) tree industry at their international conference in Asheville, NC later this month. We're sending down our whole team and working with some great activists from around the Southeast. With your support, these will be the biggest ever protests against the genetic engineering of trees! …

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Genetically engineered trees (GE trees) pose an unprecedented threat to US forests. GE tree company ArborGen has a request pending with the USDA to legalize the sale of millions of GE eucalyptus trees. These trees would be sold for pulp and biofuel plantations across Texas, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina. Eucalyptus trees have fueled deadly, catastrophic…

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