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How many U.S. Army suicides occurred in the month of July?

  • 9 (8% people answered this)
  • 23 (21% people answered this)
  • 38 (29% people answered this)
  • 45 (40% people answered this)

1992 people answered.


Correct answer is: 38


This community was originally formed to remove the page from Facebook, "Soldiers are not Heroes" due to its negative connotation and propensity to generalize without any supporting evidence. It should be noted by all readers and viewers of this page that our leadership and administration believed and continues to believe in the freedom of speech. However, we stand behind our troops during these trying times. The focus of this group is to thank our heroes, advocate for access to resources, and to stand in solidarity with our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. It is not meant to deprive others of their opinions. Our message is simple: Please remember that our words and actions have consequences. Human evolution is marked by our commitment to one another, not our ability to cast fingers of blame. *** Cause Photo of "Little Girl Held by Soldier" by Michael Yon, 2005

According to Pentagon officials, July was the worst month for suicides since the Army began releasing figures in 2009. For the first time, the number of active-duty troops who took their own lives actually doubled the number of soldiers killed while in the line of duty in Afghanistan. If this alarming rate of suicides should continue, the Army stands to lose about 200 servicemen and women this year - a significantly higher number than any year in the past decade. Confronting these devastating trends will require prioritizing the mental health care needs of our soldiers, both while they serve our country abroad and when they return home from war. There remains to be a lack of money and resources devoted to this essential cause, leaving many gaps in care and long waits for soldiers seeking assistance. Most of all, lowering Army suicide rates will only occur when our society reduces the stigma associated with mental illness and encourages more soldiers to seek care.

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This is about the efforts of 1 extraordinary young woman, asking our veteran members to pledge their support to her as she designs and promotes a transition center for veterans. Influenced by Eric Greitens of "The Mission Continues" (www.missioncontinues.org), Kate Zahradnikova is a strong supporter of troops & spent countless hours developing an idea to help service members returning home…

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Support the cause: http://bit.ly/RbPRgL Hello! As leader of "Soldiers are Heroes," I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your schedule and participating in this great cause. As you may be aware, "Soldiers are Heroes" was originally set up in attempt to close down defamatory anti-service member pages on social networking sites such as Facebook, not as a means of censorship, but as…

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