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In publicly reported court decisions in the developing world, Lawyers Without Borders has found that among the most commonly encountered victims of sexual assault are:

  • Young women 21-30 (15% people answered this)
  • Girl Teens 16-20 (32% people answered this)
  • Girl child 5-15 (46% people answered this)
  • Adult women 31-40 (5% people answered this)

6115 people answered.


Correct answer is: Girl child 5-15

It is estimated that around 60 children are raped a day in Africa. Girl children are abused and then made to feel personally responsible, guilty, or persecuted. Moreover, they are often threatened with violence if they tell anybody about the sexual abuse. There are cases of babies as young as only a few months old are being raped almost daily. An erroneous belief wide-spread in Africa that sex with a virgin, even a child or baby, can cure HIV/AIDS is fueling what is an already extremely high child sexual exploitation rate. The “prevention theory”, which leads men to choose young girls as partners because they believe they cannot get HIV from a virgin, is an example of child rape motivators in Africa.


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The University of South Africa (UNISA) estimate that 1 million cases of rape occur each year. Pregnancies arising from sexual abuse result in shame and early marriage. LWOB programming tackles this enormous problem from the legal side. Its programming provides information to victims and potential victims about where to go for help, what their legal rights are, how to report the crime and preserve the evidence that will support prosecution of the perpetrators of these crimes against them. LWOB is committed to helping the legal systems where these crimes are rampant work for the people they are designed to protect.


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