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____________ are/is the #1 killer of girls between ages 15-19.

  • Malaria (0% people answered this)
  • Machinery Accidents (0% people answered this)
  • Childbirth (43% people answered this)
  • AIDS (0% people answered this)
  • Malnourishment and Dehydration (56% people answered this)

30 people answered.


Correct answer is: Childbirth

50,000 girls die annually during childbirth, making it the number one killer of all girls aged 15-19. One in three girls is married by age 18 -- oftentimes as early as age 12. Nearly half of these girls are mothers before their 18th birthday. Among the countless reasons to empower girls is this: when girls have the opportunity to be educated, children are born later and healthier and entire communities are better equipped to lift themselves out of hunger and poverty. Together, let's support girls in reaching their potential to grow into powerful leaders who will create a new future for their families, communities, countries and our world. Learn more, encourage others to take this quiz and join the movement: www.thp.org/day-of-the-girl-2012


Empowering Women and Men to End their own Hunger The Hunger Project carries out its mission through three essential activities 1) mobilizing village clusters at the grassroots level to build self-reliance 2) empowering women as key change agents, and 3) forging effective partnerships with local government. In Africa, Asia and Latin America, The Hunger Project empowers millions of women and men to end their own hunger. The Hunger Project has pioneered low-cost, bottom-up, gender-focused strategies in each region where hunger persists. These strategies mobilize clusters of rural villages to create and run their own programs that achieve lasting progress in health, education, nutrition and family income.

Girls around the world often eat last and least. While their brothers go to school, they are kept home to work and little to no investment is made in their healthcare. In 2000, The Hunger Project-Bangladesh decided enough was enough. They mobilized hundreds of partner organizations to found National Girl Child Day -- now one of the largest annual days of activism in the country. This year, for the first time, the United Nations has declared October 11 International Day of the Girl to celebrate the potential, rights and power of girls. Join this movement, spread the word and, together, we can save millions of lives.
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