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At What Temperature Does Seawater Freeze?

  • 32°F (0 degrees Celsius) (15% people answered this)
  • -4°F (-20 degrees Celsius) (40% people answered this)
  • 23.2°F (-4.88 degrees Celsius) (25% people answered this)
  • 28.4°F (-1.9 degrees Celsius) (17% people answered this)

1408 people answered.


Correct answer is: 28.4°F (-1.9 degrees Celsius)

While fresh water will freeze at 32°F (0 degrees Celsius), seawater freezes at 28.4°F (-1.9 degrees Celsius). Since only the water part freezes, you could theoretically melt it down to use as drinking water! Average ocean temperatures are 38.3°F (3.5 degrees Celsius).


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In light of today being World Water Day, we wanted to send a fun quiz your way to celebrate the ocean, which represents 71% of the Earth's surface and 97% of its water!

The importance of water cannot be understated, but it is only one part of all the reasons that the ocean matters. Once you've taken the quiz, take a look at our new webpage to see why the ocean matters, and let us know what makes the ocean special to you!

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