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Two huge decisions are about to be made in Florida

This week two related events will make history in Florida. Here's what you should know: 

1) Florida's House will hold a hearing on the Stand your Ground law on Thursday, November 7th.
Last July, the Dream Defenders occupied Florida's Capitol Building to protest the biased Stand your Ground law and demand the passing of Trayvon's Law. This week they will return to offer their testimony against the Stand your Ground Law in a hearing before the House. 

They need our voices to help #packthehouse.

On Thursday morning we'll email you with instructions on how to #packthehouse by calling Florida's Chair and Vice Chair of the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee to give your own testimony on why the Stand your Ground Law should be repealed. 

) On Friday, November 8th, Marissa Alexander's bond hearing will determine if she will be released from prison until her new trial in March. 
For this pivotal event we must get loud for Marissa and support her release! The courts decision on Friday could free her for the next five months.

Leading into Friday's event we will use this campaign page to show our support and dedication to this courageous mother fighting for her rights in a corrupt system.

As a community of over 40,000, we can make an incredible difference this week by standing together and making our voices heard.  

Thank you for your support,
James Williams

We can demand freedom for this mom. Learn more about Marissa's hearing here.

Campaign won!

Last year, Marissa Alexander was at home when she feared for her life in an argument with her husband. Using a gun she was licensed to own, she fired one warning shot into the ceiling of her home that did not harm her attacker.  Because of this one gun shot, she was sentenced to 20 years of prison under Florida's 10-20-life law.  Marissa is a mother of a three year old and has spent the last…

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Angela Corey is trying create a reputation of being tough on criminals, so this spring she's abusing her power in an attempt to put Marissa Alexander behind bars. In Florida, the average sentence for a man who kills his female partner is 2-6 years.  Marissa Alexander, who never hurt anyone is facing 60 years in prison for using warning shot to protect herself and her children from an abusive…

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We send love to all mothers on Mother's Day, knowing that mothering in peace requires justice. Marissa Alexander is a proud mother of three, including teenage twins and a 3-year-old daughter.  She had given premature birth to her youngest child nine days before she was forced to defend her life after being attacked by her abusive estranged husband.  Despite causing no injuries when she fired a…

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