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Is Addiction a Disease affecting Individuals and Others.

  • Addiction is a disease, affecting Addict and others. (100% people answered this)
  • Addiction is a Choice, not a Disease? (0% people answered this)
  • Addiction may become a Disease but is based on a choice of Individual, Friends & Family (0% people answered this)
  • Addiction is a moral failing (0% people answered this)

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Correct answer is: Addiction is a disease, affecting Addict and others.

Addiction (or Alcoholism) and Alcohol is simply a licit, anesthetic drug is a disease. It was established as such by the American Medical Disorder since 1956. It is a Psychological disorder created by a genetic pre-disposition and generally either peer pressure but most likely environmental factor (Negative). Also according to Eastern and Allepathic Medicine Addiction is a disease as it caries the following five Characteristics: 1) It is Primary i.e. the main problem in one's life, 2) Progressive,i.e. it ALWAYS gets worse, NEVER better 3) Symptomatic, i.e it has specific syptoms at specific progression points 4) Terminal, either, directly, or un-directly but 5) Treatable, - Through various multi-dimensional; multi-modal treatment modalities. Addiction cannot be cured but can go into remission and stay there ensuring a life-long sobriety.


Addiction Recovery Public Advocacy and out-patient treatment programme based in South Africa specialising in vaious forms of addictions especially involving a duel diagnosis or duel disorder which we treat through Place of Grace (Psalm 145). In- and Out-patient treatment. We are also involved in advocacy programmes of the dangers of so called gateway 'psychoactive' substances amongst the youth and child offenders and Children at risk of committing criminal offences.

The KZN Premier and associated MEC's launched their Sukuma Sake Campaighn, The MEC of Health never mentioned the word Drug, or Abuse or Detox or any issue related to Drug Abuse and neither the Dept. of Justice, National Prosecuting Authority nor Correctional Services were involved.

Campaign closed

In order to have the state provide Substance Abuse Diversion programmes for the symptom of crime often associated with the progression of the disease of Addiction and which will necessitate Government and SAB Miller, Distell  & KWV to provide for CSI based initiatives from these bodies and drug manufacturers to establish Equal Opportunity and Community Addiction Recovery Centres to assist the…

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We humbly request your signature in an attempt to get the President and his relevnt Departments as well as the Central Drug Authority to change course and begin recognising that only through the provision of Equal Opportunity beds will Addicts become well and reduce the rate of recidivism (re-arrests). Also the 25% unemployment rate does not help and neither does the fact that the majority of…

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