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It's a Girl Film Director Launching New Film Project About Violence Against Women!

We started an important conversation with my first film, It’s a Girl, asking why 200 million women are ‘missing’ in the world today due to gendercide. But this conversation has led to many more questions about the plight of women and about what can be done to help. As a result, I want to invite you to join me as I launch a new film to grapple with these compelling questions:  

Why is it that two out of three people living in extreme poverty in the world today are women? Why are 140 million girls and women currently enduring the horrific consequences of Female Genital Mutilation? Why in our modern world, will as many as 100 million girls be given as child brides in early marriage over the next decade?   

How is it that rape has become the preferred physical, social, mental and emotional weapon of war? And how is it that today, over 80 million widows have been thrown away by their families in the brutal aftermath of their husbands’ deaths?  

And the greatest question of all: how can we, as members of the world community, work together to bring justice and equality to millions of women silently suffering throughout the world?  

I will be sending out a big announcement on November 12th, unveiling a new film project exploring these questions and highlighting inspirational stories of those who are leading the way to greater rights and freedoms for women around the world.

I would like to tell you more about how you can be a part of it! But you must sign up to receive the updates and add your voice to the movement!

Click here to sign up so you won’t miss the big news on November 12th!      

Evan Grae Davis  

Director, It’s a Girl Movie 


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