Tina Yokoyama
Tina Yokoyama campaign leader

I've been lucky enough to live for nearly 24 years and in that time, I've had the chance to own so many special pets. I grew up in a household full of animals, particularly cats (and more recently dogs), and learned to love them like they were my siblings, my protectors and my friends. I unfortunately don't have any pets of my own right now, but still want to give back my time and donate if I can to ensure that homeless and sick animals can get treatment to end up in just as happy homes as mine did. Rather than any birthday gifts, I'd prefer for donations to be made towards this organization that I know does everything in it's power to find loving, forever homes for the animals they care for. If I end up with a little extra, it'll go to fellow animal organizations such as the SPCA and WWF which I have both also recently donated to.

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