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I Support Ken with this for a lot of reasons ! 1 my husband was from New Orleans,I visited there in 1985,had a Blast ! My husband even took our sons there one year to meet his side of the family ,who still live there ! R.I.P John ! I have 3 Pit Bulls,Best dogs ever,all Rescues ! And I know for a fact that there are a lot of PitBulls there that need Help! The show Pit Bulls and Paroleies is there Rescueing PitBulls,and trying to Help New Orleans with the Over population of these Wonderful dogs ! With a city Full of these dogs and so many people who LOVE them ,this would be a Great thing for Our Dogs ! As they are just as Loyal as the people are to this city ! I hope we can all work together to Honor these dogs for how Great they are ,and dispell the myth of BSL! No Bad Dogs ! Only People who don't know how to raise or train them properly ! God Bless

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