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Reached initial terget

Initially we thought of getting 200 signatures. With the active support of so many of you, we reached to that 200 signature very quickly. We have time up to March and as such we are trying to get as much signature as possible to make our petition stronger and more effective. we have now set up for 300 and to date reached to 232. I thank every one of you for extending the support. You have taken part in an endeavor which is unique as we are trying to save a man made structure which is 1750000 years old and nothing like that exist in our world. If we cannot stop the Government of India to destroy this Adams bridge (Ram Setu), world will lose a heritage that will never be built again. Bamiyan Buddha statue in Afghanistan was destroyed by Taliban and now this very ancient man made bridge is being destroyed by Indian Govt. Please take an active role to save this wonder by sharing and asking your friends and their friends to sign.. Thank you very much.

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