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Many fruits and vegetables have the vitamins and minerals our body need to function. One day when I was about 18 yrs old my mother fell and couldn't move. My dad picked her up and took her to the hospital. When I entered her hospital room I noticed the nurse squeezing the piggy back bag so it would flow into the IV. I also noticed the symbol on the bag. It was for potassium.
I asked the nurse why was my mother getting potassium. She said my mom did not have any in her body and that was why she couldn't move. After one piggy bag of potassium my mom started moving a little. She stayed 21 days in the hospital because of the lack of potassium and a few other nutrients that she needed. She had to eat banana a day or other food with potassium and take the pill. Now I have to eat lots of foods with potassium and take the pills 2 time a day.

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