Update #4 ·


Hey Schelben Park Fans...   

We have grown to 157 Members! Our goal is to have 250 Members. So, we need 93 more people to sign our petition!   

But, let's "blast pass" our goal!!!    

Each of you invite 10 of your friends, who are current or former citizens of the Greenville area like you, to sign our petition. This potential increase of 1,570 Members, added to our current 157 Members, would equal a potential Grand Total of 1,727 Members!   

Our effort is to "change the minds" of the Trop Casino and City of Greenville Officials who plan to build a parking lot in Schelben Park. This would make "a huge impression" on them! Plus, the general public would take notice and our momentum would greatly grow!   

We have a three-point problem concerning publicly owned Schelben Park...   

1. We do not want a parking lot built in our park! 

2. We were not given any advance notice by the officials who decided to build a parking lot in our park! 

3. We will have to build a new lakefront park and at great expense, if a parking lot is built in our park!   

So, Act with the Eye of The Tiger! And Let's Save Schelben Park!!!


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