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Very disturbing read and pictures...... and again these VILE hunters are comparing themselves with conservationists? posted 01 October 2013 19:08
Hunting is one of those passions that just burns deep into your soul, most people do not understand what drives us as hunters and conservationists,

I was fortunate enough to get a Tag for an Old Black Rhino Bull that was causing damage and panic on a reserve in the eastern cape, according to the owners of the reserve as well as the representative from nature conservation the bull was well past his prime, not even going to guess an age as that will be the first hiding I will get by AR professors,

I travelled down to the Eastern Cape knowing that this hunt will be fast and furious, Black Rhino have a tendency to be very aggressive when hunted as they do not like been pushed,

The reserve I will be hunting is 30 000 acres and fenced on all sides, the rhino population is around 50 white rhino and 10 Black Rhino, (Bulls)
We were after this specific animal so it was not a free choice safari,

Hunt went off fantastically with a full charge keeping us on our nerves, this was the first time I had been charged by any Rhino and it’s not a great feeling, all you see is dust and horn, but no target to shoot at, the black rhino kept his head very low during the whole charge forcing me to take him through the front horn, (10” from the tip) my 500g solid flew through the horn but exited at a bit of an angle missing the brain, the shock was enough to turn his head allowing my second barrel to find home,

Rhino came to dead stop at 9 feet,

I was greatfull for this opportunity and also thankful to learn that all the income generated from this hunt will go to anti-poaching of Rhino and paying towards there safe future,

Best in Hunting

JK Hunter


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