Suzanne Stewart
Suzanne Stewart campaign leader

Please see me, Suzanne Stewart, if you would like to Donate to RSDHOPE.ORG/CRPS....and have your name put in a drawing to get one of "5" of these stretchy RSD/CRPS bracelets made by a 4th grader, to help me with my CAUSE to help RSD/CRPS and those of us afflicted with this horribly painful nerve disease. ON NOVEMBER 30th, 2013, I will take the names of all those who donated at least 1$ (you can donate here OR you can send me the money directly and Private message me for my address)..and I will add all names together on Nov. 30th and pull 5 of the names out of a "hat" to give these 5 people this great orange and white Awareness bracelet.**I will announce how much money I made during the month between this campaign and my own private campaign. I will also post the receipt that the non-profit org. sends to me afterwards, so people can have proof that I sent all of the monies to the CAUSE! THANK YOU SO MUCH.... **PS..I also have Swarovski crystal bracelet and earrings on Auction at Ebay this month to earn money for RSD/CRPS, our Cause..

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