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Over 5,000 Supporters and Going! Happy Eat Your Kids' Candy Day!

I hope your family had a great time trick-or-treating and celebrating Halloween! My kids (a Jedi and a witch) had a great time running around our neighborhood, and I got to see many creative and fun costumes. I'm hearing from a lot of people that they didn't see as many sexualized costumes on young girls this year -- and that is great news!

That is the goal of this campaign after all, to remove the sexy from Halloween for children and put the fun and spooky back in! Post photos of your kids' clever costumes from last night and let's work together to send the message to family retailers (like Target) that we want healthier costume options for our kids on the shelves next year. Posting photos of what we *DO* want helps buyers better understand our message.

Thanks for the support and working for a healthier childhood for our sons and daughters!
Melissa Wardy


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