Abdul Khan
Abdul Khan campaign leader

There has been another gang-rape in Delhi. On Tuesday, night a school girl was sexually assaulted by a group of three young men in a car, then put out on the street alone.

Rape is unacceptable. And we can not let such incidents pass by in silence.

The Delhi police are pursuing the suspects, and we hope those responsible will face justice. But punishing these men is not enough. These terrible crimes keep happening in our country because too many people still consider it OK to treat another human being in this way. Until this changes, the rapes will continue, and it’s up to all of us to speak out, right now, as loudly as we can.

To start, please add your name and comments declaring that rape is completely unacceptable in India by clicking here.

If we reach 10,000 signatures in the coming week, our team will announce the total signatures and many of your comments on a national radio broadcast, reaching millions of homes across India.

What will this accomplish? For those who already agree, hearing your message may encourage them to speak up -- empowering men to speak out as well as women -- to become truly part of the solution. And for those who do not yet agree, hearing your words may provoke them to think more deeply. Perhaps we can even prevent the next terrible assault from ever occurring.

We know this is just one small step. But if we are ever to end this kind of violence once and for all, we must take every step we can.


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