Rhonda Partin-Sharp
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I support the campaign to create stricter laws for nursing homes, because my father was in two nursing homes in a row and was abused in both of them. Trying to get anything done to protect him and the other nursing homes was useless. The DON and Administrator only got angry, because I tried to protect my Dad and other residents. They began to become dismissive and then abusive when I kept pushing for help after dismissive didn't work. They began to abuse me when I was in the building, but I still wold not leave, because my Dad got hurt every time I left. And, my Dad was not the only one. There was one good nurse in that entire nursing home. He was on second shift, and the residents would start lining up in their wheelchairs all the way down the hall four hours before his shift started, just sitting there waiting for him, because he was the only kindness from the staff that he got. Yet, he was the one they rode while they protected abusive employees. I worked with several local agencies who were working on nursing home reform as well as our state medical board and each step of the way I had to fight ten times harder than I should have had to fight and not enough was ever done. The Government Accountability Office report says these things - and it also says that one reason reform is so hard is that the state usually takes the side of the home rather than the resident even when the resident has a valid complaint for a severe issue. Something has got to change. If you could somehow get in my brain and feel and see my memories of the horrible things that I saw happen to all residents, not just my Dad, in nursing homes, you'd throw up. I still wake up in the middle of the night screaming as I relive it in dreams. I would not treat a dog the way these old people were treated in these homes.


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