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Man thinks animals are here to use as we please. This was once the excuse for slavery.The animals are innocent, helpless and should not be subject to pain and confinement. I remember the Silver Spring Monkeys who suffered having their backs broken (I believe that was the experiment) and were never let out. As far as i know, nothing came from the research.
I lived in Louisiana at the time where a few of them were kept. We protested once a week. In the end those in charge lied and did not admit to the suffering experienced by these unfortunate creatures, They would not even wheel their cages out into the sun. In spite of promises made the monkeys were cremated .
This was the research that led to PETA, the strongest animal rights organization in the world. (It was because of lab conditions, not because of the cruelty.)
Another research that we closed was the shooting the heads of cats without anesthesia to prove that being shot in the head caused the victim to stop breathing.) This was already known,

Imagine that day after day your are kept in a cage with no chance of escape and you are in constant pain or expecting to be hurt at anytime. Much progress has been made, in the cosmetics industry for one. I believe that the horrible Draize eye test and the unimaginably horrible LD 50 tests have been phased out. I HOPE SO.
Buy cruelty free cosmetics . There is no reason to buy ones tested animals. The same is true for many products,

,Pat Volk

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