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‘Groundbreaking’ Work? Or Monsanto Madness?

Scientists at the University of Florida’s Institute for Plant Innovation and its Center for Smell and Taste (yes, an actual research facility funded by real dollars) want your tomatoes to taste better. So they’re spending god-knows-how-many dollars to tinker with the DNA of tomatoes in the quest for ‘better flavor.”

America’s favorite populist, Jim Hightower, finds it all a bit much to stomach. Especially given that the research, and lead researcher, Professor Harry Klee, are being funded by none other than Monsanto.

Where did this guy come from? Monsanto, where he was employed for 11 years to help bring dangerously-untested-and-unlabeled bioengineered food to market. Now at the U of Florida's Institute for Plant Innovation, backed by Monsanto, Klee leads the effort to innovate what's called "a chemical recipe for the ideal tomato."

Legitimate research? Or just more Monsanto madness?

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