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No Thanks, Nestlé

The brand geniuses at Nestlé USA want your money. That’s why they sell organic Gerber-brand baby food and Sweet Leaf Tea, brands designed to appeal to health-conscious consumers like you. To capture a share of the growing market for organics.

Trouble is, the corporate leaders at Nestlé also don’t want to have to label the genetically engineered ingredients in any of their non-organic brands. But they don’t want you to know that. So they contributed more than $1 million to the NO on I-522 campaign by funneling it through the Grocery Manufacturers Association’s “Defense of Brand Strategic Account,” a secret and, as it turns out, illegal slush fund.

Time to tell Nestlé Chairman and CEO, Paul Grimwood, and Corporate & Brand Affairs, Hannah Coan, it’s not nice to lie to consumers. So you’ll be buying your organic baby food and organic teas somewhere else, thank you very much.

TAKE ACTION: Tell executives at Nestlé USA that you’re boycotting their Gerber organic baby foods and Sweet Leaf Tea brands, along with all their other products

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