Jim Gladwin
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Oppose water meters in Hamilton, New Zealand! stop the spread of the commercialisation virus!!

Doubtless there will be hard-sell propaganda about supposed "fairness" and "eco" greenwash. But the issue boils down to who pays and who gains - we should all know by now how the "free market" liberalised economy works. What the model is designed to do.

One inevitable effect of user charges is property tax (rates) reductions for wealthy owners as more financial burden shifts onto working-class families and people on fixed incomes. The next step will be having a council-owned company take over the vital public service which (in New Zealand) legalises arbitrary user charges for wastewater - estimated because sewer volume can't be easier measured.

Finally, this commercialisation paves the way for this neatly packaged monopoly to be privatised.

Resist! As a minimum gesture please sign this petition and pass it along...

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