Update #3 ·


Hey Schelben Park Fans...   

Look at us! We just passed the halfway mark of petition signatures! As 130 people have signed toward our goal of 250 Members! And this has all happened in less than three days! So keep on spreading the word!   

What are your 'good memories' of Schelben Park?   

Activities... Rolling down the levee? Watching the water fountain? Marriage proposal? Candy Shoestring concerts? Wedding? Snow sledding down the levee? Family or company picnic? Teach For America reception? Walking, running or just sitting? Taking in the view for the beauty and peace it gives?   

Community special events... Greenville Celebrates America? Blues Festival Kickoff? Levee Break Celebration? Cotton Classic 10K Race? Pops in the Park Concert? Fishing Tournament?

Post your comments, pictures, videos, stories and articles about them at our petition's website! Let's have some fun sharing and reminiscing!!!   


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