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Poster Girl (film) 2010 directed by Sara Neeson

Poster Girl is a 2010 documentary film about an American Soldier's (Robynn Murray) experience with posttraumatic stress disorder after returning from the Iraq War(OIF). The film also documents HER experience with the Veterans Benefits and Health Administration.

Veterans Administration Claim Status for an OEF Veteran

This information regarding an Afghanistan (OEF) Soldier's Veteran Administration Disability claim was posted to a Soldier's "ebenefits" page following a third inquiry into the status of the claim by the Soldier's Congressional Representative.

Date of Claim: 12/30/2011 (Fully Developed Claim)

Estimated Claim Completion Date: 11/29/2014 to 06/15/2015 (third estimation) 4/29/ 2014 to 10/12/2014 (second estimation)  4/28/2013 to 11/12/2013 (first estimation)

Status: Gathering of Evidence (during all telephone and email inquiries, VA representatives state that no further information is needed)

Claim Type: Compensation

Updates: Developmental Letter Sent

Yes, it would appear that EACH time that the Senator's staff makes and inquiry on the Soldier's behalf, someone at the Veterans Administration authorizes an additional year to the "completion" of this Soldier's Fully Developed Claim (FDC).

This is just ANOTHER reason why it is imperative that Reserve Component (National Guardsmen and Reservists) Service Members (SM) MUST gain access to the Medical Care and benefits that they EARNED in accordance with CURRENT Department of Defense (DOD) policy before they are Released From Active Duty (REFRAD).

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