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Emily Hermes campaign leader

Congratulation Nikki for winning the raffle!!!!
So, Sunday night we drew the ticket to see who won the raffle to get their hair done by DeEdwin and turns out one of our good friends Nikki won just when she wondering how she was going to afford getting her hair done.. God is good!
Even more awesome, DeEdwin offered to donate one more hair cut/color/style so that we can keep this fundraiser on going! All those who donated to the first raffle will be kept in this second raffle, so keep your fingers crossed... you may just get lucky the second time around :)
Tickets are still just $15 or get two for $25 and double your chances!

Thank you to everyone who has supported this fundraiser, you're donation is changing children's lives!
And DeEdwin, I can't thank you enough for your generosity and heart to give back to the community by sharing your gift! I Couldn't do this without you and am so blessed by you contribution!
I am going to pull these raffle tickets on the 17th of November, hopefully just in time for Thanksgiving and Holiday festivities! Ya'll know you want your hair did for the holidays ;)
Thanks again for your support & God bless!

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