My daughter was threatened and is a victim of gun violence that was committed by her father (she was 11 yrs old at the time). It's been over two years since the trauma he caused her, she suffers from Severe PTSD, but he has not had to face any consequences for the severe trauma this has caused her, and remains a free man to stalk the streets, as she fears for her life. I've been fighting to get her justice, she is not safe, until he is behind bars. She deserves justice...she did not deserve to be a victim of gun violence-which she will suffer from the trauma for the rest of her life. There needs to be justice for the children of these crimes...we need to have our children be safe & feel safe, and keep them alive from the sick predators that are free to walk the streets, and in my case, the so-called justice system KNOWS he's very dangerous, but keeps allowing him to remain free-as my daughter lives in fear every day! This is wrong!

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