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My stepson lied to get himself out of big trouble as he molested his 1/2 brother since he was a baby. He molested him repeatedly and the 1/2 brother told his dad what my stepson was doing to him. The stepdad called the police and my stepson was arrested. The state of CT promised to get my stepson off if he could blame someone else doing these sex things to my stepson. So, between the state and the mom, they pressured and coerced him into making up a big story up about his dad. While my stepson was incarcerated at the Whalley Ave jail, my stepson, his mom, Detective Fox met at the jail and went into a separate room, gave him a pad and paper to write down on how the story would go so when he had to go on the stand, he could memorize it. This went on for months. My stepson said on the stand as well as in his recantation that he lied about everything. He even told the prosecutor, Callistro, that he didn't want to go thru with the trial because he had lied and he didn't want to go to trial that morning of the trial but Callistro reply was, "well, we have come this far, we might as well go all the way" All Callistro wanted was another win on his application for becoming a judge. What kind of monster is this man? He should be behind the bars instead because he was corrupt and deceitful from the beginning. He is not to be trusted and should not be judge over anything but garbage. This false accusation stuff has GOT TO STOP and the people who are doing this to young people, scared people whoever, there has got to be legislation to address this mess we have. These stories that are being made up
which make families break up and they are never the same again. 40% of ALL inmates in prison are innocent because there is so much profit to be made by the state and the govt. I have been fighting for 11 years now and have written, emailed, been in a film, Lawless America, where we got to tell "our" side of the story which was NEVER asked for during the trial. It was called the "Child Hearsay Case". How ironic! No evidence just the word of a confused young person who wanted to make things easier for himself and the state just wanted another feather in their cap. After all these years, we still are getting tortured. We get pulled over by cops just to be harrassed, we have had our house ILLEGALLY SEARCHED BY 20 detectives and cops were searching thru my house because I called them and said our house had been broken into. Why would a house be searched when they had no idea what was taken? They illegally searched our home. We got 6 speeding tickets in a matter of 1 month and 2 of them were by police that weren't even in their car. You can only know how all this feels if you have gone thru this personally. I could write a novel on this one but please sign this and share. Polygraphs are useless. They prove neither guilt nor innocence. Itis all based on your respiration, breathing and heartrate all physical things. It does not prove a thing. The system uses the test as a wedge but they are not admissable in court because the system knows that the polygraphs are a big fat lie. They are a waste of time and money. I could teach you how to pass a test as I took a class on polygraphs a few years ago. It is bs. People, we need to shout and yell and not be scared to open our mouths up when public officials and authorities are doing illegal and corrupt deeds. We have to ALL take a STRONG stand as our rights are being taken from us one by one. Pretty soon,we won't have any. Open your mouths because you could be their next victim.

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