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We still get a large percentage of our food from the USA, and their idiocy when it comes to food production is making us all sick. I would go so far as to say that nothing of the processed food that we are urged to buy in the stores is grown, processed or packaged correctly, and the adverse health effects are enormous. Save growing our own food, we take enormous chances of poisoning ourselves, which is our choice. Suffice it to say, NO ONE in our government is going to risk pissing off Monsanto, by banning ALL of their frankenfoods, which is the only way to ensure edible quality. Along with farmed fish,and poisoned water supply, we're in big trouble. Forget having grandchildren. The earth will be uninhabitable too soon for that. The oil companies are seeing to that, and we all drive cars and pollute way too much for any turn around in ozone , air, water and soil quality. The answer; STOP LETTING BIG BUSINESS RUN THIS WORLD!!

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