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Thank you! We just reached the first goal of 50,000 signatures.

Dear friends, thank you! We just overcame the goal of 50,000 signatures and we are running fast.

It's time to see the world from another point of view! The point of view of the man who lives in harmony with nature, respects its creatures, prefer to observe and rejoice in what he sees rather than kill and be proud of stupid trophies.Dear Friends, I'm sure that you support us also in this battle. Is a battle of whole mankind to save animals that are the symbols of whole African continent. We want to stop Safari hunting in whole Africa: http://www.causes.com/actions/1742571-stop-any-kind-of-safari-hunting-in-south-africaPlease sign and share! Thanks! P.S. Don't forget to join to our Facebook group to give us more strength and a greater International weight: https://www.facebook.com/groups/nosafari/

How you can help

Kill these wild animals for a so-called "sport" does not help and give benefits anyone. All these African countries can have more and more benefits from tourism by increasing the possibilities of photographic Safari where all these wild animals are respected. This is a battle for all of us, these animals should be saved and protected at all costs. I invite you to sign this petition and share it…

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