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No one should have to endure what this poor dog did. She gave up her life for someone who is sadistic and mentally unfit to live in society. Although I hope he gets the maximum sentence, he should also have conditions attached and enforced. He should never be able to have any contact or own any tiype of animal . mammal, reptile or insect again.
I am outraged this happened. It was very brutal. It is bad enough when humans do this to each other, but when an animal is involved, then we who love them and care for them have to stand up and be their voice.
I don't know what the accused story is nor if he will even share it with anyone. I do know that often times abuse starts when they are small children and it escalates as they get older. Not an excuse for what happened, but certainly some insight as to why it happened.
Now the Justice system has to ensure that the maximum sentence will be imposed along with the conditions and they will be enforced.
This beautiful dog was forced to endure torture at its worst.
Please be a part and stand up and make your voices heard that we are not going to accept this behavior anymore nor are we going to stand by when the guidelines are given and not enforced such as the case of Michael Vick who was told no animal contact or ownership and he turned around and went to work for the Humane Society of the United States as a volunteer.
I protested along with many other members but was told that he was doing a fine job with educating the youth of today of responsible pet ownership, What they seem to realize it wasn't the role he was in that was attracting large crowds, it is the fact that he is a good football player. I agree to that.
Then to add insult he chose to purchase another dog, clearly a violation of his parole. He should be ordered back to prison and get the help that he needs.
Dogs are not safe around him nor are they safe around Baby Does attacker.
Please stand up in peaceful protest.
Thank you

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