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I truly believe all animal abusers should register as such....and should NEVER be allowed to own another pet of any kind again!!!!! They have proved they are not worthy of owning or taking care of a precious dog or cat.... They should be locked up for a considerable amount of time also for their abusive behavior & pay a substantial fine.....The poor animal which they abused did not ask to be abused & probably died from the they should pay the consequences for their actions immediately......Pray for all animals that get in the hands of someone like this, Pray that they can 'get away' as soon as possible!!!!! .............. If you see anyone in your neighborhood, or anywhere else for that matter, Please turn them over to the police as soon as possible, so we can get these individuals off the streets & out of harms way for our pets sake!!!!!!!!!! ................

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This "alleged" animal abuser is the President and CEO of Centerplate, Inc., a catering company that supplies large sporting arenas, convention centres, etc., across Canada and the US. The video — dated July 27 — showed the owner kicking the dog in the stomach repeatedly and yanking her "leash aggressively over his right shoulder to the point where (the) dog is lifted into the air chocking (sic)…

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Does an Animal Abuser Live in Your Neighborhood? Our communities have good reason to be concerned about the whereabouts of animal abusers. We hear story after heartbreaking story, about animal abusers repeating their violent crimes against helpless animals, and often go on to victimize people as well. We have the right to want to keep our animals and families safe. Currently, there are three…

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