Michelle Vella
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Polluting the sea kills sea life that we need as food and we love seeing sea creatures there all beautiful besides that how long can this planet live and support life when pollution kills all life mostly slow I we do not stop it before it to late we do not have a future for our children and maybe our self,s we do not know how far the damage is to the health of the planet and how long it takes to repair from all we do to it,man kind has been here before and died out I do belief in that and people have there own beliefs about things like God he is real things do not just happen by its self and we are the care takers of this planet and all that lives on and in it so we need to change the way we do things open as many eyes to what is happening to the planets health and ours and changing peoples minds on what they do can make the difference even if its supporting campaigns by singeing a petition shows support for change.


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