Jack Gannon
Jack Gannon campaign leader

CURRENT AND FORMER CITIZENS OF THE GREENVILLE AREA... We are at great risk of losing 'beautiful, peaceful and actively used' Schelben Park on Lake Ferguson!!! This is because the Trop Casino plans to turn two-thirds of its usable area into a parking lot.

Remember, it was only a few years ago when we had to build a new parking lot on the lake for our boaters and fisherman. This was because casinos had used most of our lakefront's parking area for their customers vehicles.

Since the casino industry has cost us 'time, money and inconvenience' before, do you want us to have to build a new Schelben Park on the lake too?

I DON'T AND IF YOU DON'T EITHER... Then sign this petition to save our current Schelben Park! Tell your friends to sign it too!!!

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