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Horror and more horror...every single day...animals are KILLED in the most atrocious way.

Since the beginning of September 2013, not a single day has passed bye without news about atrocities committed in animals in Romania.
Animals are shot and killed, on right near his house in a residential area IN A TOWN in Romania, cats have been killed by the tens in Sighetul Marmatiei, North West Romania, animals ( dogs and cats ) have been EVISCERATED in Constanta ( near the Black Sea ) mass poisoning of dogs in Suceava Romania...it looks as if the HELL blew its gates apart and there is a non spot killing of mostly dogs.
I kindly ask you to sign these petitions and share them , far and wide
Justice for the dog shot and killed near his house in Craiova
Justice for the tesn of cats savagely killed in Sighetul Marmatiei
NOWWe aks for the authorities to identify them from the links posted in the petition and punish them
Last but not least, a "celebrity of the Romania TVhttps://www.change.org/petitions/punish-radu-banciu-from-b1tv-for-instigation-to-crimes-towards-animals-at-the-full-extend-of-the-law-codul-penal-art-324
PLEASE sign the petitions and share them.\
If you would like to learn more about these crimes, please visit
Thank you

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PLEASE READ, SIGN the petition and SHARE....Thank you...Thank you OFA !!!!!!!!!!! YOU give so much hope to the voiceless and all good people, everywhere.https://www.change.org/petitions/constitutional-court-of-romania-please-reject-the-pl912-modification-proposal-of-the-lower-house I invite you all to join this magnificent voice for animals on Facebook : Occupy for Animals... …

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Tuesday, Sept.10, 2013 : Romania has opened the gates of HELL for the stray dogs...the LEGAL EXTERMINATION has begun. Please read all the information about all the events which led to this BARBARIC decision and take note about the Mass Media manipulation and hysteria which turned half of the population, over night against these poor animals. If you wish, send it too.I will provide emails at the…

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Dear friends, This is an emergcency and a horrible situationDue to a tragic incident in Bucharest ) where a 4 years old child died because of the wounds inflicetd by some dogs ( who were living on a partially deserted construction site, beloging to a developper SR LAGUNA TEI ) because both the victim and his 6 years old brother have been left UNSUPERVISED for more than 20 minutes by their…

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