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Four years ago we moved into the City with 2 hives and they both died the first year.. we are sure it was from the use of roundup within the City.. The next year the City banned the use of roundup. The ban lasted 4 years, and during this time we started over and eventually had built up to 3 hives... and now at the beginning of the summer the City lifted the ban on roundup and the City started using it again as well as the residents . By the end of the summer we lost our first hive and then a 2nd hive. Our friend that lives here so far has lost 47 of the 51 hives he had.. over the summer. This is catastrophic news and we all need to do our part in making sure that these chemicals are not used to ensure the future of our bees. ( Also it is important to note that when we first moved here the 7 cherry trees in the yard barely bloomed or produced much of a crop, and the 2nd summer they all bloomed incredibly and produced bumper crops of cherries on every tree, our neighbours have said the same thing about their trees and gardens) NOW THAT WE KNOW WHAT IS KILLING OUR BEES LETS TAKE A STAND NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.



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