Michelle Mana
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Although i agree with not transferring foster kids without the court's knowledge, obviously, for the children's safety, i can see the other side to the problem when a situation arises where the children are left to being abused/exploited in a home since the original foster parents can no longer financially care for the children properly,cannot afford to take the case to court and have no next of kin. I knew of 2 classmates in high school were who were foster children, one was abused in a previous home, luckily she had been transferred to a better, more loving foster home and another who was recently transferred from a foster home in an urban area to a foster home in our suburban area, apparently a worse home since he acted out in class, stole money from me and a few other classmates, for food he later confessed to our teacher, and physically threatened to hurt me with classroom equipment (I did nothing to provoke it-we didn't even speak to each other prior the incident). In the last case, I'm not sure if the case went through court.

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